Saturday, April 04, 2009

Beating CONFICKER and the likes..

In my 5 years of computer repair experience.So many viruses, trojans, spywares have gone my way.Almost all the time I reformat. As in medical world where prevention is better than cure.We can do it on our PC. There are a lot of preventive measures we can do to augment attacks.I prefer these tips:
  1. Setting a restore point. When any attacks occur you can try restoring the system to the restore point you configured.
  2. Dual or triple booting by partitioning the hard disk drive.On Intel supported boards MAC OS can be installed.I have tried that and it's fun because you do not need to spend much.On the other partition I install Linux ,Ubuntu OS.On Mac and Linux environment windows viruses,trojans can not run and I usually manually delete virus using these OS.
  3. Configuring your browser by avoiding adult sites that carries high risk viruses. I prefer mozilla and google chrome.These browsers support sites filtering and blocking of high risk sites.
  4. Choosing a dependable anti virus.A prefer AVG and ESET Internet Security full and updated version.This latest version has a feature of auto scan for removable drives,web shield and so many more.
  5. Setting up a user account and locking admin account to other restricted users.When I am downloading softwares or merely searching for ideas in the web, I use the user account.When unauthorized people are using my PC they can use my admin account only user.When the PC is in user account mode functions are limited.Install and other system modification are not allowed.
I hope these tips helps...I'm still waiting for all inventors out there come and let your inventions be showcased and featured..