Sunday, September 19, 2010

The beauty of using cloning software to speed up setting up PC shops

   PC shops invade the Philippines in almost all places.Technicians have their own approaches to speed up pc setup and repair.In many cases say for all inexperienced technicians formatting is a common corrective action. Having a very dependable cloning software is vital to speed up set up process.Here are the steps in preparation for the cloning applicable for windows xp.There are also ways to clone different hardware specification pc meaning its not true that cloning is only limited to same hardware specs computers.

1. Disable any locking software like deepfreeze.
2. Make sure you have backup for all the files that will be over written.
3. For different hardware specs pc blue screen of death occurs when cloned so we need to do some updating
   Go to my computer right click to go to hardware devices and select display driver.
   Select the primary driver and click update and convert to standard display.
  This will avoid crashing of computer when a different display adapter is detected because of the different hardware specs.
4.If  a different video card is present prepare the installer.
5. Remove the hard drive and slave it  to the master pc .
6. Install cloning software that you prefer to use . I prefer casperxp or norton ghost.
7.Perform the cloning process overwriting the old setup with the new one.Cloning takes about 30minutes above depending on the storage size of the hard drive.